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AcornDomains is a growing community of UK Domain Name owners, buyers and sellers. It is free to join and participate at the site where you can also list your domains for sale or domains wanted.
Acronym Finder

This site lets you type in an acronym to find out what that set of letters is commonly used to represent. This is especially helpful in identifying usage of valuable 3-letter domains. There are over 470,000 definitions for acronyms and abbreviations from 1 to 24 letters in length. There's also a "words in meaning" search (reverse lookup) which allows you to find acronyms that contain keywords.

How much traffic does a particular website get? Alexa will give you a good idea. You download a free toolbar (which millions of others have already downloaded). Alexa tracks where the toolbar users visit and uses the data to assign a ranking number to every website.
Archive Wayback Machine

Domain history is revealed by the Archive Wayback Machine. Type in a domain address and if it previously had an active web site on it, the Wayback machine will let you see those old web pages! Data comes from Alexa who has archived billions of web pages dating back many years.
Black Hat World

Black Hat SEO Forums and Website Marketing Forums
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Germany has long been one of the world's most important domain markets. This German-language forum is a perfect place to plug into with that country's domain investment community.
Continuum Software Solutions Inc

Continuum Software Solutions is one of the best digital and online marketing agencies in Toronto, Canada. We are leaders in providing business solutions using various technologies. Our designers and developers are experts in custom website design, web application & mobile application development. We are also a team of expert SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM services provider.

digital point

Online Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Forum
Domain Investing

Domain Investing News, Strategy and Tips - Written by Elliott Silver. Elliot often gives step by step accounts of his development efforts so that others can learn what works and what doesn't from his personal experiences.
Domain Name Forum

DNForum is the largest domain name community on the internet and continues to grow every day. There are over 500,000 domainers on DNForum doing everything from buying domains, selling domains, learning about domains and discussing domains.
Domain Tools is famous for a variety of indispensable tools accessible to its paid members, but the site also offers a wide range of completely free tools like WhoIs and IP address lookups, a domain suggestion tool and a domain typo generator to name just a few. The free tools are on the blue navigation bar. The fee based tools are the Power Tools in the gray colored bar.

Tools and insights to help your domain business grow - DomainsBot helps people find the perfect domain name through an intuitive domain name suggestion system that can understand users' ideas, based on word or terms supplied, and suggest suitable domain names. This free service is used by thousands of webmasters, domainers, and branding professionals.
DomainState is an all-in-one domain resource site dedicated to domainers and the domaining industry. Our site includes a domain forum, domain tools, domain directory, registrar stats and more.DomainState forum is a great place to find answers to all of your domain questions. The site also has an excellent suite of free tools.
IDN Domains Forums

IDN Domains Forums is the authority on IDN Domains

Domain Name Guide, News and Reference Since 1996, Learn everything you need to know about domain names
INForum - Home of the Indian Domain Industry. is the web's biggest forum devoted to India's rapidly growing .in country code.
JDM Web Technologies

JDM Web Technologies is Fastest Growing SEO Services provider Company in India. We focus only on 100% White-Hat ethical SEO service to bring top page results & increase traffic and sales.

JDM Web Technologies is a popular free domain forum with nearly 1 million members and 4.8 million posts. It is a good place to connect with experts, grow your network and stay informed with real-time updates.
Network Tools

offers network tools for webmasters & IT geeks, including ping, traceroute, WHOIS (inc IDNs), DNS check, NSlookup, spam blacklist check, URL encode and decode, and header checks.